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CAN change
the world

Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and develop the necessary skills in trainings developed for aspiring founders.

Entrepreneurs are the ones who think different, who see opportunities, who solve problems and create value. They are decisive and take ownership. Entrepreneurs are founders, corporate employees and visionaries. They can be found anywhere. Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made.

From Idea
to Business

Learn how to clearly define problems and ideate innovative solutions. Experiment, test and validate your idea and build a viable business.

Business Essentials

Test and practice your financial and business skills by making decisions and facing consequences in realistic scenarios.

Trainings & Simulations
for Entrepreneurs


Basic Business Skills

Run a startup that develops a smartwatch application and learn about cost structure, cash flow,…
Rising Star Packshot

Rising Star

Playfully test and train your management skills in realistic scenarios.

Business Planning

Learn online business models and scale your own fintech startup in the market.

Coming soon



Ideate ideas and validate assumptions to create viable business models.


Improve communication with active listening and powerful questioning.