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Basic Business Skills

Run a tech company and learn the fundamentals of sales, management and business strategy.

Learn the fundamentals of economics and online marketing as manager of an innovative health tech app development company. Your goal is to lead the company, develop the app and grow the subscriber base. Learn about:

  • Basic Economic Definitions
  • Operational Dilemmas
  • Online Marketing


Platform: Browser, Mobile
Genre: Business Simulation
Languages: 🇬🇧 🇩🇪


Business Beginners
Young Talents
New Managers


Duration: 4-6 hours
Level: basic
Modules: 2 scenarios
License: 60 days


In this simulation players learn and train basic business skills and how to develop an innovative mobile app from idea to launch.

The player is manager of MediTech, a company that develops a new health care application for smartwatches. The app collects the user´s health data and inspires to lead a healthy life, motivates to do sports and recommends food and recipes.

The company is in it´s initial stages and just received an investment to implement the idea and launch the product. The simulation covers the first 12 months of the startup. Goal is to develop the app, bring it to market and make the economic status of the company stable.

Decisions on functionality and priorization from MVP to full product, as well as design, user experience and IT security issues have to be made.

Deciding on the necessary roles according to the company status is critical in an early startup´s life. Team members need to be hired and personnel expense managed to grow the organisation.

Around the launch of the product target groups and markets need to be identified, pricing defined and budgets to the most promising advertisment campaigns and brand building allocated.

Following topics are covered in the simulation:

  • Introduction to cost structure, reporting and cash-flow principles
  • Online Marketing and basic market segmentation
  • Operational dilemmas in the early stage

In the course o the simulation the player decides on the action to take for the next month and saves the input. The effects will be calculated and change the situation of the company. Videos and a knowledge base deliver the information needed and give an opportunity to dive deeper into business topics.

Optional Scenarios


Test your business skills in different regional markets with unique challenges from South America to South East Asia.

Helio Fund Case Study

Stabilize the operation of a Helios, a venture capital fund which focuses on early-stage technology startups.

A Simulation by our partner