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Financial & Production Skills

Develop an innovative product to learn about the entire production process from conception to sales.

Based on the development of an innovative product, participants get to know the entire production process from conception to sales.

  • Understand end-to-end processes
  • Financing projects
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Consequences of decisions


Platform: Browser, Mobile
Genre: Business Simulation
Languages: EN


Employees in all departments along the value chain from purchasing, development, production to sales.


Duration: 6-8 hours
Level: intermediate
Modules: 2 difficulty levels
License: 60 days



Innovations are important so that companies can remain competitive in a dynamic, rapidly changing market environment. Participants learn how the development of a new product works from conception to sales and decide which innovation projects to implement.

Story “Ray & Go”

As managers, the participants are responsible for the production and sale of a mobile projector for smartphones. The company has been running for some time and generating sales. However, there have recently been development and resource problems.
The player makes decisions from purchasing the raw material through production to marketing and sales. Personnel and finances have to be managed at all times.
The aim is to open up new sales channels and new innovative products and to stabilize the company and make it profitable.
The following topics are covered in the simulation:
  • Characteristics of production and supply chain management
  • Key figures in companies
  • Financing of innovation projects
  • Diversification of market segments

A Simulation by our partner