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The game for service technicians in the corrugated industry.

„Corrugated“ is a serious game optimized for cell phones with the goal to train service technicians in the corrugated industry and to visulize the individual learning success and progress for themselves and their trainers.

Players will learn how to handle basic service and maintenance procedures by locating common problems that may occur on a corrugator and selecting the appropriate solution.


Platform: iOS, Android
Genre: Simulation, Single Player
Languages: EN, DE


  • Trainer
  • Service Technicians in the corrugated industry


Duration: 4-5 hours
Level: easy, intermediate, advanced
License: free


„Corrugated“ is a mobile 3D game that takes the player into a virtual corrugated board production plant. Within different scenarios, the players, as an omnipresent character, receive an assignment that desribes a disruption in the production process, which must be resolved.

Collect – Identify – Solve: Through this process, the players strengthen their problem solving skills based on common problems that can occur in a corrugator. The players move around a virtual corrugator in different scenarios and interact within the game by collecting information from individual people and machines. Important information is stored in the service protocol – the problem can only be identified, when all important clues have been found and understood. Selecting a machine part, the players can choose the problem responsible for the disruption from a variety of possible options. In the next step they have to choose an appropriate action for the solution.

„Corrugated“ automatically navigates the players through the various scenarios based on their strengths and weaknesses. Skills that can be developed and tested in the game are evaluated using various indicators in the game and visualized for learners and trainers.

The serious game can be connected to a learning management system via a xAPI so that the game can be used during training periods. Via the learning platform, the individual learning progress can be reviewed by the learners themselves and the trainers.


Branding, Customizing & Individual Trainings

We customize the game-based trainings according to your specific requirements in your unique branding. Together we turn your existing training content into exciting individual serious games.