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MyRo P7

Create awareness and train your teams in IT-Security to keep your business safe.

IT security and information awareness: Train your teams to have strong competence to act against dangers and risks and thus ensure more security in the company.

  • Information Security Know How
  • Create IT Security Awareness
  • Develop Action Competence


Platform: Browser
Genre: Adventure
Languages: DE, EN, FR


All employees with access to information and systems.


Duration: 40 – 60 minutes / Module
Modules: 5
Level: intermediate
License: 1 year



Increasing digitization exposes companies to risks and dangers – hacker attacks, data theft, manipulation and much more.

How can companies and employees protect themselves?

The combination of the right security systems with an awareness and strong competence for employees to deal with dangers and risks offers an effective protection.
Conventional courses and trainings do not achieve the desired effect due to their often dry and thus boring implementation. The serious game myRo P7 conveys the necessary knowledge by simulating realistic everyday situations and promotes the development of crucial skills for employees through consistent application and practice.
The entertaining design motivates the learners intrinsically to deal with the topics and enables them to act and make decisions correctly in risky situations.
myRo P7 is suitable for preparing for ISO 27001 certification. The content was developed in collaboration with IT security specialists from ten4 and Fabula Games.

Players learn in 5 modules:

  • E‑Mail- und Phishing-Attacks
  • Social Engineering
  • Cloud Computing Security
  • Secure Credentials
  • Protection of information and documents
  • “Security by Design” Prinzciple
  • Correct handling of suspicious incidents
  • Well protected in the home office and on business trips
  • Safe handling of mobile data carriers
  • Laptop, cell phone and more secure as best as possible

An Adventure by our partner Fabula Games


Branding, Customizing & Individual Trainings

We customize the game-based trainings according to your specific requirements in your unique branding. Together we turn your existing training content into exciting individual serious games.