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Engaging Serious Games and
Interactive Trainings to make
your teams better every day.

For those who dare.

In today ́s fast changing complex business world companies and professionals have a strong need for continuous learning to meet current and future challenges.

Games turn boring courses into entertaining, fun and educational experiences for effective training. They are designed to engage players and motivate intrinsically to solve challenges and reach defined goals.

Turn Knowledge Into Real Skills

SKILLFIRE brings the power of game-based learning to professional education. Join to create a culture of curiosity, exploration and lifelong learning.

Discover top notch game-based trainings for your needs.

Customize training with
individual playlists.

One platform for easy access
and management.

Track performance
and measure progress.

New Way To Learn

Put theory into practice

Instead of consuming content passively, in serious games learners play an active role. In realistic situations they apply and practice their new knowledge and get immediate feedback to build competence and reinforce real skills.

Freedom to fail

In a risk-free environment learners can explore and experiment to overcome obstacles and solve challenges in a creative way. They experience the consequences that result from their decisions and can learn from mistakes in a safe space.

Progress to measurable results

Games guide the learners and track their progress towards a desired goal. The effective learning loop leads to a sustainable change of behavior, increased performance and measurable results.

Develop A Skillset For The Future

To generate innovation and maintain competitive edge, professionals and companies must adapt to market changes by learning new skills continuosly.

The innovative game based learning approach not only appeals to a young audience that grew up with videogames, but is also suitable to up- and reskill employees.

Are you ready to play?

Contact us to get demo access and talk about your requirements for creating customized trainings for your individual needs.