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Join our SKILLFIRE Community of likeminded curious people who want to become a little better every day.

Soon we will launch our SKILLFIRE App where we bring knowledge to life to support you in
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Together we celebrate curiosity, learning and taking action. 💪

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A little better every day.

A little better every day

Combine learning with practice to develop real skills! Our interactive gamified stories make learning engaging, enjoyable and effective. Wow! ✨

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Develop your superskills!

Whether you want to learn something new or practice your skills, this is for you. Never settle for ok. Get the training you deserve.

  1. Learn something new in every story.
  2. Make decisions to shape the course and the results of the story.
  3. Get feedback, reflect and develop kick-ass skills.
Take action in your real life. 💪

Challenge yourself!

Accept and accomplish real-life quests to apply your learnings and develop real skills. Make progress and become a little better every day.


For those who dare.

Join our growing community of bold forward thinkers and curious  life-long learners.

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Help your customers to learn something new, practice their skills and apply their learnings in real life.


Bring your knowledge to life

Together we make your training engaging, enjoyable and effective in interactive stories and real-life quests.

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Create real-life quests to support your customers to practice skills, transfer learnings to the workplace or life and make progress every day.


Thank you so much for learning with SKILLFIRE. Our Mission is to help our community to become a little better every day.

We are dying to hear about your experience and about your ideas to improve our existing trainings and create new ones, or new features, or…


Interactive gamified stories make learning engaging, enjoyable and effective. Wow! ✨

We empower learning through play!

Ready to play?

Whether you want to learn something new or practice your skills, this is for you. Never settle for ok. Get the training you deserve.

  1. Learn something new in every story.
  2. Make decisions to shape the course and the results of the story.
  3. Get feedback, reflect and develop kick-ass skills.

We empower Creators!

Boost your trainings and add engaging interactive practice to support your customers to develop real skills.

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Join our community of bold forward thinkers and life-long learners. Be the first to know when we launch our next stories and the mighty creator.

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Discover exciting and individually tailored serious games and playful learning opportunities
for your own professional development.


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Introduction and training of applied IT security concepts at the workplace for the whole team.
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The game for technicians in the corrugated board industry.


The innovation competition INVITE (digital platform for professional training) is intended to contribute to the optimization of an innovative digital and secure educational space for professional training. The organizer of the competition is the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with technical and organizational support from the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB).

As part of the SG4BB project, a platform for finding, integrating, testing and evaluating personalized serious games and playful learning opportunities in vocational training is being created on the basis of existing components. Education providers can obtain relevant serious games via a search engine and integrate them into their own learning management system. The components of the platform including the underlying technical interfaces between the SG4BB middleware, the LMS and the games are tested using two newly developed serious games in the interaction between research, development and practice.

Here you will find more information:

Featured Game

Serious Games Catalog


Production Performance

An operational and strategic simulation to increase profitability and lead digital transformation towards industry 4.0.


Go green and incorporate sustainable practices into a manufacturing company. Increase profits and market share…


Manage your bank branch - ensure you fulfil your sales targets, fulfill client expectations and…

Basic Business Skills

Run a startup that develops a smartwatch application and learn about cost structure, cash flow,…

Value Based Management

Manage a bio juice company and learn about organisational challenges related to growth, expansion into…
Rising Star Packshot

Rising Star

Playfully test and train your management skills in realistic scenarios.

MyRo P7

Train your teams` security competence to deal with dangers and risks in the company.

Business Planning

Learn online business models and scale your own fintech startup in the market.

Change needs freedom. Games offer the freedom to experiment, to make mistakes, to learn from them and to grow from them. Learning is combined with training by making personal decisions that shape the result and course of your simulation. An exciting challenge, visible progress and measurable success to develop real skills. Do you dare?

The Business Simulation for the Corrugated Board Industry


Manage a corrugated board manufacturing company and learn about maintenance activities, production capacity utilization, product quality and the structure of operational indicators.

  • Understand the production process and the effects of innovation
  • Learn which factors influence the availability and performance of a production line
  • Understand the connections and effects of investments on productivity and profitability

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Platform: Browser, Mobile
Genre: Business Simulation
Languages: DE, EN


Duration: 4-6 hours
Level: intermediate
Modules: 3 difficulty levels
License: 60 days


Production Process
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Investment Decisions


Production Performance is a business simulation with a focus on the production process of corrugated board.

In this uncertain business environment it is important on the one hand to ensure high availability and performance of the equipment to produce high-quality corrugated board and on the other hand to reduce operating costs at the same time. The learning objective is to understand the impact of investments in machinery, maintenance and people on productivity and profitability.

During the simulation, you will make the management decisions of the virtual company COPS – Corrugated Packaging & Services. Your decisions influence

  • what kind of products and what volumes are produced
  • what condition and innovation level your equipment is in, and
  • how skilled and motivated your teams are.

In each period you will be able to review your decisions and their impact on your business. In addition, you have to react to the influence of external factors. Various indicators and reports assist your decision making.

The knowledge base contains more useful text and video material around economics, the production industry and corrugated board production. The purpose of this simulation is to provide practice-oriented knowledge of business and production management.


Only employees of BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH or affiliatet companies are granted access. In doubt contact us.

Good to know

After registration, the HR team will review your request. After approval you will receive a getting started guide and your login credentials (from

Questions about your license?
✉️ Please contact your department lead or HR.

Questions about the simulation?
✉️ Please use the SKILLFIRE contact form.

Manage your orders and production plan according to your strategy.

Reduce losses and discover hidden potential in the production process.

Invest in maintenance and modernization of your equipment.

Build a skilled and motivated team for a successful future.

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