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For Companies

Why Serious Games?

Games motivate and engage players to solve challenges to reach certain goals – voluntarily. This makes games a great tool to train people in a fun learning experience.

Explorative learning and freedom to make mistakes leads to better learning results and supports building real skills. Instead of passive participants games put learners in an active role to accomplish clear goals through mastery.

Benefits for Companies

  • A cost-effective way to train employees remotely with measurable results.
  • Improvement of leadership, decision-making, communication and collaboration.
  • Closing the skill gap and fill roles internally.
  • Rewards for employees.
  • A culture of life long learning.

Benefits for Users

  • Fun learning experience in a safe space
  • Increased motivation to learn
  • Exploratory situation based learning with immediate feedback
  • Empowerment through strategic thinking, leadership and social skills
  • Skill & career development

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